“Wherever you are, there you are”

ry%3D400I woke up today, on my birthday, to a slew of private messages, texts, multimedia greetings. My HEART IS FULL from all my friends’ wishes. Every year on this day, the feeling is bittersweet for me. I miss my friends. I miss the genuine connections. Uprooting is never easy; no matter what others say.  I have uprooted two times now.

Truthfully, my heart aches over the wonderful memories I have with loved ones (family & friends) and the reality that wanting to be with most of them takes more effort & resources now. Yet, I am also happy for my life today for I made fully conscious choices to be here and believe God has led me to it. So, I sincerely thank everyone for being a part of my 30-something years on earth (shush). 

I am grateful for who I have become, for what I have, even though I am human and can be unappreciative sometimes; for the memories, for digital technology even though it will never be as good as real presence…mostly, thankful for waking up everyday and having a chance to make new memories with those whom I know today. 

I am here now and I will make the most of it.  For yes, “wherever you are, there you are.”


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