Flashback Post: My First Blog, 2007

I found this blog that I have posted for the first time in February 2007. I am reposting it here because it has been nine years since. I am always amused at how I saw things for the first time in America.

Year 2003:  My first 4th of July at the famous Hustler Coffeeshop on Sunset Strip.  Yes, that Hustler. 

Okay, okay…so I am one of the countless immigrants who came to America in my adulthood.  This happened about half a decade ago.

I am not an American citizen by birth. I came from the Philippines — a developing* nation

* I refuse “third world”; just developing…slowly).

I grew up in Manila and lived there until my mid-30s.  It was there that my character was molded, where I developed friendships, formed values, standards, a way of life that conformed to the Filipino socio-cultural-political system.   Immigrating was quite the uproot for me.

As soon as I arrived, I keenly observed and learned the differences in the way of life here vs. the one I left behind.  For months, like a sponge, I would soak up all that is presented before me.  I knew that if my adjustment was to go well, that I needed to pick up fast. The goal is to integrate.

A few months after arriving in 2003, I landed my first job in Los Angeles as a Legal Assistant/Receptionist at a small law office.  The pace was so slow for me give that my last job in the Philippines was that of an Asst. VP for an IT company.  Most of my days in this law office was spent staring into the computer. The lawyer I worked for did not allow me any internet access, and he would be gone in courst most days. I was bored out of my wits until I decided to start a journal. My offline blog.  I would then transmit these notes  to friends and relatives in email, all hungry for my American life updates.  I noted ways of life and systems that I found different from my original country.

Initially, I shared these observations just for information and if applicable, bring some amusement. Over time, I started to draw conclusions and form opinions from musing over the list that I was generating periodically.  However, I wouldn’t want to start a political page where just about every human on the Net shares an opinion.  So, this blog was born.  I aim to publish my observation on this page for a larger audience’s amusement (more Filipino immigrants like me, perhaps) and to provide a useful source of information, primarily for those coming here as I did, directly from the Philippines.

I am reflecting my journal entries on this site. Hopefully, it would bring entertainment at the least, and at most, relevant information to help one get settled in quickly.  That is, quicker than me 🙂

Welcome to my so-called American life. Stay tuned. In parting, here’s one of our most popular sayings:

“If you make a habit of buying things you do not need, you will soon be selling things you do.”
                                                                                                                       –Filipino proverb



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