America, Rise Above

DeRay Mckesson NY Times image
From The New York Times. Max Becherer/Associated Press

America, rise above the hate. Rise above the evil distractions that are poised to make us falter and fall. We all matter.
Stop the madness. We are destroying each other and for what?
Our enemies are watching us, praying for us to destroy ourselves.
In the midst of global terrorism, this is the time for unity and solidarity.
Surely, the mighty fall when divided! We are being divided with these seeds of hate for one another.

We have an enemy not just without, but within. Be wary of this insidious enemy and strike it.

Respect and Dignity. These are the values that we must strive to possess. Rise above. Rise above. ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬ ‪#‎backtheblue‬ #GodblessAmerica


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